Mike McCaleb got his start making demo reels for comedians while he was a manager at the Brea Improv.   While finishing film school, a friend invited him to help film a wedding. The first time, he hated it.  Then, he took a documentary film class.  The second time, he was hooked, and he’s been doing it ever since.


This is Mike's fifteenth year as an event filmmaker.  He gained experience as an editor for another company, but soon realized that the magic was in doing BOTH filming and editing. 

That is how a personal film is made.  Unlike many companies, Mike handles every aspect of your wedding personally, from filming to editing, and ultimately delivering the final product.  He holds his clients close to his heart.  You can trust that the team that films your event will also be the one that edits.  Mike does not use outside editors.

After all, how can something be personal, if it’s put together by someone who wasn’t even there?


When he started, he was making 90 minute VHS videos.  Now, it’s 4 minute highlights and 20 minute features.  Who knows what it will be in ten more years!  (Holograms?)  He gets new cameras every 2-3 years (or when he gets the itch)  He's switched editing software four times.  He owns a drone.  He has lots of gear. 

Yet, none of that matters. 

What REALLY matters is all of the weddings he's been a part of, because those gave him the experience to anticipate new shots, new angles, and new emotions.  Every event is different, but one can borrow from events past to make sure they are in the right place at the right time, and feel comfortable in their shoes.


Mike is easy to get along with, comfortable, and friendly, because he doesn’t have to worry about what comes next.  He already knows.  He’s been there. 
He would love to be there for you, too.    -  Jeannie Ward, 3 Wishes PR

Member of ABC-OC - Association of Bridal Consultants

Member of WEVA - Wedding and Event Videographers Association

Mike McCaleb - Owner and Principal Cinematographer

Mike McCaleb - Owner and Principal Cinematographer


"It's a positive job, and one that challenges me every day to be creative and capture emotion and fun."  Mike lives with his wife Dana, and sons Matt, Nick, and Eric.  He loves Angels baseball and was previously a manager for The Improv comedy clubs.  He has a crazy Siberian Husky named Ranger.