Unplug your guests...

By Mike


Photo by Joel H Garcia.

Want to know the number one thing that annoys professional photographers and videographers at weddings? Look above. The guest, that doesn't know, and sticks their camera in the aisle at EXACTLY the wrong time. How often does that happen, you might ask? Often. Think about it. EVERYBODY has a camera now, and thinks they won't remember a moment, so they take a picture, not even realizing that they just ruined the professional shot that you paid for. And their photo won't look good. It will be backlit, or framed incorrectly, or out of focus. So, you get stuck with BOTH really bad shots.

So take away the variable in the equation. Ask your guests to keep their phones and cameras in their pockets. Be present in the moment. Enjoy your happiness. Take in the ceremony (or dance) and be THERE for you.

And don't even get me started on "my friend who has a really good camera will be the photographer..."

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