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    In 2004, we decided to use our film degrees for good and not evil, to help everyday people remember extraordinary events, and to help everyday businesses become extraordinary companies. Let us create an artistic film for you...
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Frequently Asked Questions

We figure you probably have never hired someone to follow you around and make a documentary film about you.  Here are some typical questions that we answer over the phone a lot.  Read this, and I will give you a better idea of how we collaborate with our clients.



Why a wedding film?  I have a photographer…

A wedding film is the only way to record the sights and SOUNDS of your day.  It is a more complete document.


What if your parents or grandparents had a video of their wedding?  Something that they could have passed from generation to generation?  Most  couples say that they don’t remember that much about their wedding because it “all went by so fast.”  It’s not a big mystery that one of the biggest regrets of married couples is that they didn’t have their special day captured on video. In fact, Modern Bride magazine once determined in a poll that 82% of brides who didn’t purchase professional videography later wished that they had.  It’s also no surprise that couples who purchased videography are usually very happy with their decision.


Why shouldn’t I have my (brother/sister/friend/uncle/random street urchin) do it?

Equipment and experience. On average, we bring around $10,000 worth of gear to each event, in one small case. Family members may have good intentions, but it’s professional equipment and style that makes it possible to capture the REALITY that will occur in really important moments.  Family members will find it difficult to give an unbiased recording.  The wedding is a one-time event. No do-overs! We know what cameras to use for which angle, how to get pristine audio, when not to talk, and how to work well with others. We can often anticipate things BEFORE they happen, and know what to expect.  We make wedding films full-time. Our experience shows in our work.

For more reasons to use a professional, read this article we wrote:  CLICK HERE


Why Mission Visual?

Finding a videographer is just like shopping for anything else.  You need to see and experience different styles and talents before making a decision.  At Mission Visual, we like to think our work speaks for itself.  We spend much of our time pushing ourselves, finding new ways to tell the story,  We concentrate on getting to know our clients, listening to their interest and ideas, and making their video into a truly unique visual experience that is customized to their liking. Shop around.  Find a company that really WOWS you.  We feel confident that we will be one of them.


We have an incredible passion for what we do.  Making creative wedding documentaries is our life.  We love to learn new, artistic tricks to use in them.  We enjoy getting to know our clients.  We don’t just operate our equipment…we are required to pay attention to detail, listen to what is going on, and move to get the really important shots.  It’s why we have gained the confidence of some of the best photographers and wedding planners in Southern California.


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What distinguishes a “high end” video from a “low end” video?

A high-end video is much like a high-end car.  It has everything the low-end car has, plus all of the bells and whistles, and it DRIVES MUCH BETTER.  When you purchase a BMW, you have a refined automobile, excellent service from the dealer, and a great ownership plan that keeps it together.  The value of having a great videographer is in their experience and service, and will be seen once the day is over and your video and stills are all you have left.  We have a great array of options that can customize your film, from love stories and photo montages to a narration segment that we film AFTER the wedding.  All of these things give your film the extra personality that you are looking for.


How do you prepare for my wedding day?

Starting with our first meeting, we gather tons of info so we make sure we understand your personalities and what types of things are important.  We go over your wedding itinerary, ask you about your history together, and figure out all about “the story” we are about to tell. If you like, we can attend and record parts of your rehearsal.  We can even interview the two of you together on camera, and ask questions about your history in a “Love Story” segment.  This can be included in the video, and projected at your reception.  Our goal is to make sure we are totally prepared for anything that might come up on your day.


What will your presence be like at our wedding?

This can be for you to determine.  Generally, we are very “in tune” to our surroundings and what is going on.  Being in the business for 15 years means that we have been to most locations in Southern California. Chances are, we know where the best angles and backgrounds are already. If you don’t mind us moving around a little, we can get some excellent motion shots during your grand entrance and first dance.  If you prefer, we can stay as invisible as possible.  Whatever the case, we want you and your guests to remain comfortable.


Will bright lights and long cables overpower our wedding?

Gone are the days of huge, shoulder-mounted video camera monstrosities!  Don’t believe the “old school” telling you that bigger is better!  Our cameras are the same type that have been used to make independent films of late.  The future has brought us small digital cameras, tiny wireless mics, and the need for nothing more than a small light or two.  We are using Canon HDSLR’s, and sometimes use a small Lowell Pro light for the reception dances and toasts.


Do you do guest interviews?

It’s up to you. Many people (us included) feel that getting messages and well-wishes from family and friends is a huge part of the wedding DVD. Not only do we do them if you desire…we are pretty good at getting the best comments from any guest.  Interviews can be an important momento of grandparents and parents expressing their emotions on your important day. If you decide you don’t want this, we don’t have to do them.


How do you work with photographers?

Because we shoot in a photo-journalistic style, we largely just allow the photographer to do their job, and do not interfere in any way.  There are a few shots that we may want to pose you for, and we can work with the photographer to make that possible. Being able to communicate with each other is very important and we realize this. Largely, we base our approach on YOUR preferences.  In fact, many of our references come from photographers who enjoy working alongside us.


How long are your finished films?

Our most popular package includes a 20-25 minute fully edited feature, complete with all of the important parts of your day, cinematic shots, pristine audio, and editing flourishes. Also included is a 2-3 minute highlight film, with your vows and the best parts of your day. We always include all of the toasts that are recorded at your reception. If you want, you can order a full ceremony edit, guest comments, and even the raw footage of everything we filmed on your day.


Why is the right music so important to our wedding film?

Music really does affect our lives, and it affects a video just as much.  The right song can add nostalgia and emotion…the WRONG song can take memories and feelings away.  We will use music that YOU like, and you probably won’t hear much Kenny G or John Tesh (unless you are into that sort of thing.)  We spend many hours “scoring” each video we produce, working and reworking songs until they fit just right. No matter what your musical taste, you can have a great deal of input as to what style of music goes into your video.



Do you allow clients to be involved in the editing process?

Editing hours and hours of footage is a very time-intensive process. For our event videos, we edit according to what we believe will make the best emotions…the most entertainment…the best flow.  For this reason, we do not generally allow for our clients to “look over our shoulders” during the edit session.  (Sometimes our edit sessions are late at night.)  We do guarantee our work to be free from errors, and will make changes if we make a mistake. You can also pay for additional edits, if you would like more control over the final product. Our clients are usually very happy with the results, and rarely request a re-edit.


How long will it take to finish our video?

A feature film in Hollywood usually takes a year to edit. Our films don’t take that long, but editing IS what makes your film unique. It’s not unheard of for us to spend a week editing one video.  We work long enough to make sure that your video is an experience that you will always treasure.  We don’t edit in a cookie-cutter fashion…each video has a heart and style of its own.  For this reason, the editing process can take a little longer than it does with some other companies.  We think you will be able to SEE the difference in the end. As a rule of thumb, our contract gives us four to five months to complete your film, but it usually doesn’t take that long.


What about the DVD’s?

Our cases are custom designed using shots from the film, and the disc labels are printed directly onto the discs, offering greater longevity.  Each client will receive at least three DVD copies, so there is one for each side of the family.  Additional discs can be arranged.  If your film is long enough to warrant two parts, we will put each part on a separate disc at no additional charge.  All of your discs are guaranteed for a lifetime.  If they ever stop working, we will replace them for free.  We do have Blu-ray available as well.


How soon before our wedding should we contact you?

We sometimes take bookings 1-2 years in advance. We also sometimes book a wedding just a week or two in advance.  Summer months are especially busy, so we suggest that you book as soon as possible.  We only take one client per day!


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